Flatbed Scanning

Flatbed scans are available for projects up to 12"x18". Ideal for photographic prints, graphic design, artwork and large film negatives. Contact us if you have any questions. Below you'll find a little more info about the process.

  • Scans up to 2400 DPI at 48 bits.
  • Large film negatives 4x5 and above
  • All files saved as .tiff or .jpeg
  • Stitching available for oversized prints


Service Price
Scans (base price) $10.00 for 20MB
Large Scans (RGB) $0.50/MB
Large Scans (CMYK) $0.65/MB
Stitching Fee (if needed) $12.50
Burn to Disk Fee $5.00
  • $0.50 per megabyte for RGB scans. Minimum price is $10.00.
  • $0.65 per megabyte for CMYK scans.
  • Stitching charge is $12.50.
  • ata Transfer Charge is $5.00.