Testing A 1930'S Film Camera

The Bee Bee is an export version of the Certotrop, sold in the U.S. by Burleigh Brooks (hence the name Bee Bee). It's a folding camera for use with film packs, cut film, and plates. It's made of metal with a leather covering.

Though it's a (for its time) small camera, the Bee Bee is packed with features:

  • Ground glass focusing back

  • Reflecting finder with bubble level

  • Wire frame finder

  • Removable lens/shutter assembly

  • Rise and fall

  • Rack & pinion horizontal adjustment

  • Double-extension bellows

The camera was made in Germany by Certo, in the 1930s.

*This video was shot on the FujiFilm XH1 which we now carry, along with lenses and a few other FujiFilm camera bodies, in our rental department. Come check then out! FujiFilm has an amazing line of mirrorless cameras. The new XH1 is tons of fun to work with, very easy and straight forward design with tons of awesome perks.*

Thank you to Tony Prieto for taking these photos and bringing in this super rad camera for us all to play with and check out. It's a real gem!

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