Bulk "Shoebox" Scans

Got a shoebox full of photos? Get them scanned and preserve them before it's too late! All our scans are done in-house by trained specialists using a bulk photo scanner.


# of Photos 300dpi 600dpi
First 25 $29.95 (base rate) $49.95 (base rate)
26-100 $0.20 each $0.24 each
101-500 $0.18 each $0.22 each
501-1000 $0.16 each $0.20 each
1001-2000 $0.15 each $0.19 each
2001+ $0.14 each $0.18 each

Submitting Your Prints:

  • Arrange your prints by size

  • Assure that prints are not attached to anything (glued or taped to other prints)

  • Remove any dirty, oily or sticky residue that could clog the machine

  • Prints should be smooth, dry, and clean

  • Maximum size is 8"x10"

  • Minimum size is 2"x3"