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Flatbed Scanning

Flatbed scans are available for projects up to 12"x18". Ideal for photographic prints, graphic design, artwork and large film negatives. Contact us if you have any questions. Below you'll find a little more info about the process.

  • Scans up to 2400 DPI at 48 bits.

  • Large film negatives 4x5 and above

  • All files saved as .tiff or .jpeg

  • Stitching available for oversized prints



Service Price
Flatbed Scans (RGB) $5.00 per 10MB ($10.00 min)
Stitching Fee (if needed) $12.50

Bulk "Shoebox" Scans

Got a shoebox full of photos? Get them scanned and preserve them before it's too late! All our scans are done in-house by trained specialists using a bulk photo scanner.


# of Photos 300dpi 600dpi
First 25 $29.95 (base rate) $49.95 (base rate)
26-100 $0.20 each $0.24 each
101-500 $0.18 each $0.22 each
501-1000 $0.16 each $0.20 each
1001-2000 $0.15 each $0.19 each
2001+ $0.14 each $0.18 each

Submitting Your Prints:

  • Arrange your prints by size

  • Assure that prints are not attached to anything (glued or taped to other prints)

  • Remove any dirty, oily or sticky residue that could clog the machine

  • Prints should be smooth, dry, and clean

  • Maximum size is 8"x10"

  • Minimum size is 2"x3"


Art Reproduction

Copy work for artwork larger than 12x18 is shot in a studio and can be color matched to deliver an accurate, high resolution image appropriate for archiving artwork, or printing duplicates onto photo paper, fine art paper or canvas. Maximum size is 60"x100".


Service Price
Studio Setup Fee $50.00 per art piece
Image Fee $5.00 per 10MB ($10.00 min)


If you need to remove a spot on an image, smooth out skin, take out shine or just about anything you can think of, we can do it. We also do photo restoration to remove cracks and other damage to prints. As with all our services, retouching is done in-house by our digital team. 

Services Include:

  • Color Correction and Color Matching

  • Color and Photo Restoration

  • Digital Manipulation

  • Greeting Cards

  • Headshots

  • Business Card Layout

  • Trade Show Layout


Service Price
Digital Services $12.50/5 minutes or $150.00/hour
Burn to Disk Fee $5.00

*The vast majority of jobs range between 5 to 15 minutes in time.