When are my rentals due?

All rental items must be returned by 10:00 am the day they are due. Please check your rental agreement for full instructions.

Photo Lab

What color profiles do you accept?

All images must be in the sRGB color profile with the exception of prints over 16x20 inches, or special projects. Please no CMYK! For large or special print projects we can accept any RGB profile, with the exception of Pro Photo RGB. Please limit all photo prints to 8 bit color mode. 16 bit color is possible only for canvas and fine art printing.

What DPI do you print?

We print at 300 DPI on all prints up to 12x18 inches. 16x20 and larger can be printed as low as 200 DPI. We recommend no lower than 150 DPI for very large prints.

film scanning

Why are my scans at 72 DPI?

72 DPI is the default resolution output of the Noritsu and Frontier scanners. We know this scares people. Rest assured, you're not getting a low resolution image. This is simply a number that applies to the medium by which the image will be viewed. 72 DPI is typical for web, 300 DPI is typical for small prints and 200 DPI is typical for Large prints, etc. The best way to judge the size of the image is with the pixel dimensions or the uncompressed megabyte size. Another way to look at this is, "you can slice a 12" pizza as many times as you want, but it's still a 12" pizza." Mmmm, pizza.

What do you do with my negatives?

We store negatives for six months. Customers who have submitted the order form with the selection under the Negatives heading to "ship them to me after 6 months" will be billed for shipping costs and all accumulated negatives will be sent to the shipping address on their file. Unclaimed negatives will be shredded to protect the privacy of the customer.

My film scans are smaller than your advertised size

This is a common misconception. You see, a few years back when Photoshop was the standard photo editing application, you had to open up the "Image Size" window to see the image dimensions. Within this window you can see the UNCOMPRESSED file size in megabytes, pixel dimensions, etc. Nowadays, with the popularity of Adobe Light room, most people go by the pixel dimensions. Pixel dimensions are cumbersome, however, and hard to remember so we use megabytes in our lab.

What are enhanced scans?

Enhanced scans include image rotation, cropping and finishing touches in post using either Adobe Photoshop or Light room. We also include dust removal for black and white processing because automatic dust removal isn't available during the scan for non-color film.

What Are your turnaround times?

Turnaround times vary by product and are as follows:
Film Processing: 4 hours, if turned in before noon
Film Processing with Scanning/Prints: 3-4 days (Add 1 day for Frontier)
Photo Prints: 1-2 Days
Fine Art Prints: 2-3 Days
Canvas Wraps: 3-4 Days
Please note that these are approximations. For large orders, please call for a quote.


What is your return policy?

7 days store credit with receipt. Item must be in original condition. Other exclusions apply.

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